July 28, 2006

Islamism, and it's respect for women

A piece on the Religion of Peace by the BBC and how an Islamist state treats it's victims citizens when they commit moral crimes. An unmarried 16 year old is executed for adultery.

Her first 'crimes against chastity' when she was aged just 13. This was for the heinous crime of "being alone in a car with a boy". Because of this
she spent a short time in prison and received 100 lashes.

When she returned to her home town, she told those close to her that lashes were not the only things she had to endure in prison. She described abuse by the moral police guards.
The wonderful Moral Police of Islam. The ones on Saudi Arabia where once so outraged at the prospect of uncovered girls leaving their burning school that they forced them back inside to die, but these Iranian ones don't seem to think anything the matter with their raping a 13 year old. In the UK this would be statutory rape, but under Sharia the age of consent under Sharia law is only 9 years, the age of Muhammad's youngest wife when he first had sex with her. Sharia law enforced in Iran and Saudi Arabia obviously being ever so respectful of women.

Subsequently to this she found herself in a relationship with a 51 year old Former revolutionary guard who raped her several times. And this is what killed her, not the rape itself but that she was willing to bring it up in a subsequent trial for 'moral crimes', for as we have seen in many places around the world under Sharia in cases of rape it is normally the victim that ends up getting punished.


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